February 17, 2006

1 + 1 ... + 1

John Travolta in Blow Out: "And three people makes a conspiracy, right?"

The Confidence Man has of course been following the whoop-de-do over Unka Dick's postshooting interview with Bret Hume, and Dick's minor revelation that he has the power to summarily declassify government secrets.

The invaluable firedoglake has been putting 1 and 1 together with this revelation in light of Sc0ooter Libby's defense filing last week, in which Scooter's mouthpiece suggested that Scooter had been instructed or given permission to leak certain previously classified facts in the overall effort to discredit Plame and Wilson.

Now, here's where the third 1 comes into play: If, as we can clearly surmise from Dick's revelation and Scooter's allegation, that Dick Cheney himself declassified Plame's NOC status -- and as Patrick Fitzgeral;d has demonstrated in his filings thus far that there was a conspiracy to discredit Plame and Wilson -- then doesn't that detail itself definitively make Dick Cheney part of the conspiracy?

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