March 18, 2005

The "End" of Education

Science exhibit asks 'Know Thy Poop'
Thursday, March 17, 2005 Posted: 5:03 PM EST (2203 GMT)
-- Freddie the Fly lays it out in terms dear to the adolescent heart: "My wife's cooking is so bad I vomit before I eat. But seriously ..."

Freddie tosses off one-liners like the late Henny Youngman, all of them true. It's all about "gross" at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Freddie, a huge animated model, is the star of the "Vomit Slurpers" exhibit in "Grossology: The Science of Creatures Gross and Disgusting." [...]

I liked the fly thing," offered Eli Prudencio, 11, touring with his classmates from a suburban elementary school. "I liked how it vomits on its food before it eats it."

Classmate Keynan Middleton, also 11, was impressed by the different names for droppings.

Jibbenainosay has only praise for this endeavor. He suspects that if you wrapped Deleuze and Guattari in poop you'd remove the only barrier to middle-school kids' understanding it.

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